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Trendy Teas is dedicated to keeping our finger firmly on the pulse to bring you the very best in Herbal Health & holistic products. Established by budding health enthusiasts we ourselves know how important it is to keep young, fit and healthy both inside and out. What better way to achieve this than by taking advantage of a natural Dietary Supplement, carefully infused into Teas, Supplements and Super Foods offering Natural Remedies.

Trendy Teas sources and distributes only the finest Herbal Teas and Dietary Supplements from around the world. The Asian Tea Plantations we have personally visited are responsible for growing & harvesting some of the finest premium green and White Teas available and we are both proud and privileged to be able to offer our customers this exclusive range, not widely available elsewhere.

Our exclusively branded Teas, Super Foods and Dietary Supplement are 100% organic and sustainably sourced from the plantations in Mexico where our farmers take the upmost care in harvesting the specially selected herbs, seeds and leaves to produce a powerhouse of nutrients which are preserved, bottled and brought straight to your door.

Our selection of the finest ingredients have been carefully chosen based upon the most sought after variety TEAS brewing in popularity, some with their contemporary modern twists on old ancient blends. We offer the most Expensive Coffee in the world Kopi Luwak or Civet Coffee also known as Poop Coffee! The beans are digested through the Civet Cat gut, the enzymes making the Poop Coffee less bitter. We only import Kopi Luwak that has certification so rest assured you are buying authentic free-range beans available in Robusta and Arabica. You will not be disappointed with the quality and excellence that exuberates the products on Trendy Teas.

Trendy Teas continually endeavours to expand our selection from the Dietary Supplement to our range of Detox Teas adding new, unusual and interesting ingredients that crop up along our travels.  So take a look at our current catalogue of prize picks – you’re just a few clicks away from finding that soulful sip of trendsetting tea in our herbal haven.

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